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About Us

Centered on Discipleship

We are passionate about discipleship—being faithful to the commission that Jesus Christ has set before his Church. What drives us—what keeps us up at night—is finding answers to the question: How can we leverage technology to further the Gospel?

Discipled Church is on a mission to find answers to this and many other bold questions. Whether it’s writing and teaching, developing software solutions for the Church, or simply having honest conversations, everything we do revolves around equipping, empowering, and enabling the saints to do the work of their ministry.

A major part of this, we believe, is the ongoing discipleship process—personal sanctification and development, along with making disciples of others. The tools, services, and resources we develop are for doing just that. Our initiatives and resources take an innovative approach to cultivating spiritual maturity.

"Making disciples of Jesus is the overflow of the delight in being disciples of Jesus."
David Platt
Author and Pastor,
Church at Brook Hills

Our 80/20 Distinction

While we recognize and appreciate the diversity of beliefs within the Church regarding various theological doctrines, we also firmly believe that many core tenets should not be compromised regardless of denominational alignment or lack thereof. It is these core tenets that define Christianity, and on them, there is agreement across most, if not all, of the Church.

Unfortunately, much of the publicly consumable content focuses on the 20% of doctrine that causes riffs within the body of Christ. Such topics might include predestination, regulations for baptism, ecclesiastical ordinances, and cessationism. While we hold to our own personal beliefs, Discipled Church chooses to develop content that remains in alignment with 80% of the body. Our goal is to lay a solid foundation of biblical literacy for the Church as a whole, allowing each local or denominational expression to reinforce its distinctive beliefs.

You can also check out our Statement of Faith to view our specific beliefs.

Focused on the Global Church

Our platforms are developed with the global, diverse expression of the Church in mind. This means a few things. First, we build solutions that do not force every local expression to operate in the same manner. We are a body of many parts, and Christ’s bride operates with diversity. This diversity could be recognized in worship, care, fellowship, and church planting, to name a few. We build services that meet the needs of each, allowing a local fellowship to be fully obedient to its unique call.

Second, our platforms are secure. Our users are distributed globally, including in areas hostile to the Gospel. We humbly partner with and serve the persecuted church. This means that we follow the absolute strictest security standards when it comes to managing data. Why? Because lives depend on it.

Finally, we don’t believe in the “parachurch.” There’s no such thing. The Church isn’t an institution; it’s a single, unified (massive) body of believers. That body may worship and operate in a building with a steeple, a prison, or a school campus. Regardless, it’s still one single body—a single bride. Our content and services are developed for the entire body regardless of its surroundings or context.

What We Do

We Are Educators

We develop educational content to equip and train believers to cultivate and encourage their spiritual growth. While many larger churches have a plethora of theological resources at their disposal, smaller churches, church plants, and foreign missions agencies do not. We help stand in the gap, come alongside them, and develop rich content to support their ministry efforts. Our content is specifically focused on training and equipping laypersons of the Church.

We Develop Applications

Discipled Church is also a tech company. We build applications for the web and for mobile devices, and we use the cloud to securely host our data. Our developers carry multiple enterprise certifications and have an average of more than two decades of building applications for desktop, web, mobile, and embedded platforms. Furthermore, we have experience in deploying, optimizing, and securing global architectures in all three major clouds—Azure, AWS, and Google.

Interested in our approach?

"Jesus of Nazareth always comes asking disciples to follow him—not merely 'accept," not merely 'believe in him,' not merely 'worship him,' but to follow him: one either follows Christ, or one does not. There is no compartmentalization of the faith, no realm, no sphere, no business, no politic in which the lordship of Christ will be excluded. We either make him Lord of all lords, or we deny him as Lord of any."
Lee Camp
Professor, Writer, and Speaker

What's in a Logo?

There are a few things in ours. What may be obvious is the cross in the middle. That’s a given. However, what may not be noticeable to the untrained eye is the meaning of the surrounding slashes and other attributes.

Discipled Church sits at the intersection of discipleship and technology. That intersection is represented by the two arrows (chevrons). They reflect our heart and passion for constantly challenging the limits of discipleship and technology and vice versa. This constant focus drives us to explore fresh, innovative ways to leverage technology for the accelerated advancement of the Gospel.

Additionally, there is a construct known as a regular expression in programming. Regular expressions are expressed by two forward slashes and are used to search for or identify the phrase or pattern between them. In our case, everything we do at Discipled Church is focused on one thing—seeing the transformation and growth of the Church. The same also goes for our own lives. We are seeking Jesus; we seek to identify where God is currently working and then join him there.