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Our Strategy

When churches talk about discipleship and evangelism (the latter being a small function of the former), the conversation often revolves around engaging culture. It’s about going and doing. Go here! Do this! Christ defines discipleship differently. He describes it as being. After all, one cannot make another that which they are not themselves.

Carts Before Horses

When churches stress engagement without properly equipping their members, the proverbial cart is placed before the horse. Churches are encouraging believers to commit to an action for which they have never been trained to do and something that, according to statistics, pastors fail to do themselves, namely, make disciples. This would be likened to asking someone to build a house, but that person is neither a builder nor an architect—they lack the proper training. While one could attach a few boards with nails, doing so in a correct, safe, and compliant fashion is a different story. Without proper instruction, such a directive would leave one intimidated and/or frustrated.

In our approach, Discipled Church recognizes the importance of a believer’s obedience to the Great Commission. However, we also understand that the method is no less important than the outcome. In fact, we believe that, like building any structure, a sound approach creates a solid architecture. Our models compel us in making disciples, not converts. While we ultimately trust in the Spirit to perform the inner transformation of the saint, we still believe that there exists a requirement of each believer to faithfully make disciples to the best of their ability. Discipled Church exists to help enhance that ability.

"We reduce discipleship to a canned program, and so many in the church end up sidelined in a spectator mentality that delegates disciple-making to pastors and professionals, ministers and missionaries."
Francis Chan
Author, Teacher, and Preacher

Three Levels of Engagement

Our tools and resources are designed to engage every disciple at three levels to increase effectiveness in their personal journey and ministry.


Learning and growth opportunities targeted at each disciple.


Cultivating healthy, dynamic small group and Bible study environments.


Empowering the church body to effectively reach their local areas and abroad.

Discipleship never succeeds in a vacuum nor should it be conducted exclusively in a private environment. Discipleship, in order to be authentic and most effective, must occur within the individual first. Then, from there, it permeates the local church community and advances across corporate boundaries, impacting communities.

We understand that there is no clear distinction between the three levels above—each level impacts the others in some fashion. Therefore, we have designed our tools to assist believers in making disciples irrespective of their current environment or surrounding audience. We engage the believer at all three levels and equip them to do the same.

Local Contexts

Most platforms and tools force churches and ministries to operate within the confines of a Western mentality. Current Church-centric technology assumes that other people groups function in the same manner as American churches. For example, while the makeup of Western culture is highly individualistic, other cultures emphasize community. Additionally, though American and European churches operate with certain liberties, there are many others throughout the globe who must worship in hiding.

Our platforms are designed to empower believers worldwide to make disciples effectively within their local context. We provide the flexibility and security to ensure that the Church has the tools it needs to reach the lost and to train and equip disciples while keeping identities safe.

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives are tailored around our strategy and the three levels of engagement. Furthermore, it is our passion to ensure that disciples worldwide are properly equipped for an effective personal ministry. Therefore, our tools and resources align to one or more of the following functions for developing faithful obedience to the Great Commission in each follower of Jesus.


We develop educational and training resources to ensure that believers rightfully understand and communicate the truths of the Bible. These resources focus on a believer’s scriptural literacy and spiritual maturity. Beyond simple memorization, our desire is to improve believers’ intimate knowledge of God’s Word.


We develop platforms and services that serve as tools in the disciple-making process. These platforms are leveraged by individuals as aids in their personal growth. These services are used by churches and ministries to monitor the growth of their members and improve efficiencies in their disciple-making process.


We develop systems and opportunities for churches and ministries to engage the world around them. Our intent is to encourage followers of Jesus to move beyond a level of mere education to practical application—to be faithful disciple-makers and, thereby, radically change the world around them.