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Our Purpose


Discipled Church is a non-profit ministry focused on maturing the body of Christ for the work of the ministry. We are a tool of the global Church, and we provide biblical education and build advanced, cutting-edge technology to equip the Church to reach the lost. We help disciples make disciplesTM, and we leverage innovation to do so.

Discipled Church’s vision is:

“To see the Church cultivate a love for interpreting God’s Word rightly,
a joy from knowing him intimately, and
a passion for obeying him wholeheartedly.”

We believe in the transformational power of the Gospel. We believe that the Word of God is living and active, that it informs us of our Creator and gives us life, and that it is perfect and revives the soul of mankind.

Discipled Church seeks to provide the necessary tools and resources for believers to understand and fall in love with God’s Word and to be radically changed by it for his glory.


Discipled Church seeks to catalyze a global disciple-making culture through technological innovation and in-depth biblical teaching.

Biblical Teaching

Discipled Church provides solid, in-depth teaching to equip and train laypersons for their ministry, wherever that may be. We view each member of the body of Christ as an active participant in the disciple-making process.

Technological Innovation

Discipled Church leverages the newest technologies to empower churches and organizations globally to effectively disciple their members for the greatest kingdom impact.

"The church changes the world not by making converts but by making disciples."
John Wesley
Preacher and Theologian