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Financial Stewardship

Discipled Church is committed to financial accountability in stewarding our resources. Though the ministry is still in its infancy, we are adamant regarding transparency and integrity, especially in the realm of financial stewardship. We have sought compliance and accreditation from leading authorities so that donors feel safe and secure when committing their resources to the success of this ministry.

Because we are still a relatively small ministry, we do not qualify for certain accreditations at this time. For others, we simply do not possess the overhead to pursue or maintain accreditation. However, we will pursue each accreditation as we have the opportunity to do so. To this point, one of our objectives is to achieve ECFA accreditation in 2026.

Current Compliance and Accreditation

Discipled Church is currently an approved charity and compliant and/or accredited, as applicable, by the following organizations.


Discipled Church has been validated and awarded Platinum Transparency since 2024.

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National Christian Foundation

Discipled Church has established a Single-Charity Fund in order to make donations from donor-advised funds seamless.

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Charity Navigator

Acquisition of our rating is currently in process and is expected to be completed in June 2024.

Charity Navigator

IRS Form 990


*Proceeds were less than $50,000. 990-N (e-Postcard) was filed.

"Integrity means that we are trustworthy and dependable, and our character is above reproach."
Billy Graham
Evangelist and Minister