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15 Ways for Dads to Spiritually Lead Their Families

Over the past few months, I have been approached by a handful of dads who have asked me how to spiritually lead their kids. These are dads that recognize the importance of intentional family discipleship, but either do not have the time due to busy schedules and life commitments, or they have never witnessed practical family discipleship in action. These principles are some practical ways that every dad, regardless of their spiritual education or experience, can lead their family in pursuing Christ-likeness and developing spiritual formation.

Why App Security Matters for Churches

Many believers are unaware of the security risks introduced by apps in mobile marketplaces. Those apps can compromise sensitive data such as personal identities and financials. Earlier this week, Facebook was accused of stealing sensitive user data from third-parties on mobile devices. Believers must act with discernment when using those apps and sharing personal information.