Jesus and his disciples had just left their final meal together, and these are Jesus’ last words to the entire group before his betrayal and crucifixion. We do not know the turmoil and fear that transpired over the following many hours, but we can imagine it was pretty intense. After all, the Savior of the world is being betrayed and subjected to torture on the cross. However, since these are the last words spoken to the men and others with them, one might assume they would hold on to them. The words contained the promise from Jesus that he would meet them in Galilee after he was raised from the dead.

One would assume that, upon Jesus’ death and subsequent resurrection, the disciples would already be on their way to Galilee. We might think that if they had believed in the resurrection and Jesus’ promise, the disciples would be eager to see him again as promised. However, this was not the case.

The Gospel of Matthew reports to us that an angel tells both Marys, Joanna, and a few other women that Christ is not in the tomb but is on his way to meet them in Galilee (Matthew 28:7). As if that was not enough, Jesus, himself, also meets the women on the road requesting that they tell the disciples to leave for Galilee (Matthew 28:10). The Gospels of Mark and Luke give similar accounts (Mark 16:9-14; Luke 24:1-12). Where were the disciples? They were still in Jerusalem…in hiding. To make matters worse, we read from the accounts of the latter three Gospels that the disciples did not immediately believe the testimonies of the women and a few others (Mark 16:11,14; Luke 24:25; John 20:19,24-25). So, apparently, not only were they not on their way to meet Jesus, but they did not even believe the last promise he gave them.

What about you? What was the last promise that Jesus gave you? Did it involve you “meeting” him somewhere? Perhaps not a physical location, but maybe just believing what he shared. Are you scared to trust him? Furthermore, have you not witnessed God working in your life lately, and you have wondered why?

The reason you are not seeing God working where you are is because God is working where you are supposed to be.

Maybe Jesus is in Galilee waiting for you. Maybe his promise involves you getting up, setting aside your fear, laying down your doubts, and taking the next step toward where he told you to go—what he told you to do. The reason you are not seeing God working where you are is because God is working where you are supposed to be. He is waiting to share that experience with you. However, you have delayed going to Galilee. Get up and do not wait any longer. Go to Galilee; God will meet you there as promised.